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Real estate agent in Wassenaar

Winkelstraat Wassenaar

Photo by: Kevin K

If you're looking for a real estate agent to help sell your home in Wassenaar, you'll want to check out this list of the best agents in town. These agents have a proven track record of helping their clients achieve their desired results. So whether you're looking for a fast sale or just want someone who can help you get the best price for your home, these agents can help.


What you must know about real estate agencies in Wassenaar 

  • There are 49 real estate agents active in Wassenaar
  • The average brokerage fee in The Netherlands is 1,1% (2021)
  • The average cost of selling a house in The Netherlands is €4.185 (2021)
  • On average it takes estate agents 58 days to sell a property in Wassenaar


For your information: My name is Joey. I am 100% Dutch, with an interest in the real estate market. 

My English is not flawless. So if you come across really big mistakes that you can't ignore, please let me know (email:

On Mijn Verkoopmakelaar we take an extra effort to inform expats who want to sell their house in The Netherlands. The reason for this is that expats can be victims of unfair and greedy agents. To prevent that expats are being exploited, we help expats with articles and information about agents. 


But enough about me, let's talk about estate agents.


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What does a real estate agent do in The Netherlands?

For this article we focus solely on estate agents on the selling side of the transaction.

Note: The involvement of an estate agent is not mandatory. There is no rule or regulation that prohibits you to sell a property yourself.

In almost 95% of the transactions a realtor is involved on the selling side of the transaction. Sellers in the Netherlands contract an estate agent, because it brings:

  • Expertise on price setting and marketing
  • Convenience with viewings and the legal hassle
  • Trustworthiness in the eyes of potential buyers

The most important reason that people involve an estate agent, is ''. It is the most popular housing website, but only estate agents can upload a house to the website. You as an individual can not.

For more information about this:


The top-8 real estate agents in Wassenaar:

  1. Welp Makelaardij
  2. Röttgering Makelaars
  3. Gravestate Makelaardij
  4. Buise van Soest Makelaars
  5. Remmerswaal Makelaardij
  6. B&F Makelaar
  7. Schouwenhaghe Makelaarsgroep
  8. DIVA Makelaars

This list is based on reviews, transaction numbers, performance and our own experiences.


Selecting a local estate agency in Wassenaar

Here under you can find the best estate agent for you that charges you local tarifs instead of exploitative expats fees.

In addtition to the quotes of estate agents, we show you their actual performance on past transactions.

Here is an example of what you can expect to receive:

Example of a reaction of a real estate agent

Long story short:

  • You get multiple offers of agents in your neighbourhood
  • We have curated the agents based on their previous results
  • Using the service is free
  • We keep your contact details private, so you don't get unexpected calls 
  • Fill in your postal code and house number:

  • Impartial
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If you experience any issues (language for example) using the platform, feel free to contact us! We are here to help you in English with a Dutch accent ;).


What you should know about Wassenaar

The municipality Wassenaar is 62,4 square kilometres big and has more than 25 thousand residents. Wassenaar is known for its wealth and calmth. The village has quiet neighbourhoods with many large villa's. There are also neighbourhoods that are way cheaper than a villa area. Wassenaar has a nice beach, many trees, green grass and nice roads. Wassenaar also has a two places to play outside golf. People mostly use cars or bicycles as transport. The royal family of The Netherlands has a villa in this quiet village. That indicates it is a calm, safe and expensive place to live.

Wassenaar has 3 international schools. The schools are named: The American School of The Hague, International School Wassenaar and Sekolah Indonesia Den Haag. The schools have the name The Hague in them, because that is a big city in The Netherlands, that's nearby Wassenaar. It may be confusing, but all these 3 schools are located in Wassenaar. Extremely handy for expats who want to have English education for their kids.

A famous thing to do in Wassenaar, is going to theme park Duinrell. Duinrell is located in Wassenaar. The amusement park has a lot of cool rides for kids. The theme park also has an own swimming paradise, with lazy and extreme slides. The swimming paradise is for kids and adults. The swimming area is one of the most known in The Netherlands. The swimming park has got a lot of extreme slides, which give a lot of adrenelin to the adults. Some slides can't be done by kids, because they are to young or don't reach a safe length. 


A quick view of Wassenaar:

  • Wassenaar is a wealthy and calm village
  • Has a lot of green and nature
  • The village has many different schools, also international schools
  • Has a cool theme park called Duinrell


You can find the following neighbourhoods in Wassenaar: Kerkehout, Wassenaar village, De Deijl, Drie Papegaaien, Duindigt, De Kieviet, De Paauw, Klingenbosch, Groot Deijleroord and Ter Weer, Maaldrift, Oostdorp, Nieuw-Wassenaar, Oud-Wassenaar, Oud-Clingendaal, Rijksdorp met De Pan, Weteringpark, Zijlwatering, Meijendel and Raaphorst.


Other really useful pages:


Estate agent in other cities:


Frequently asked questions about selling a property in Wassenaar

  • How many estate agents are there in Wassenaar?

    In Wassenaar there are 49 agents active. Not all these estate agents are actually located in Wassenaar. Some agents work from neighbouring cities, like The Hague.

  • What are the top-8 best real estate agents in Wassenaar?

    1. Welp Makelaardij
    2. Röttgering Makelaars
    3. Gravestate Makelaardij
    4. Buise van Soest Makelaars
    5. Remmerswaal Makelaardij
    6. B&F Makelaar
    7. Schouwenhaghe Makelaarsgroep
    8. DIVA Makelaars
  • What does selling a house cost in Wassenaar?

    On average estate agents in The Netherlands take a 1,1% commission for selling your house or apartment. In The Netherlands that fee is on average EUR 4.185 (VAT included). Prices differ per broker and property.

    In the Netherlands, as a seller, you only bare the costs of your selling agent. The buyer pays for his buying agent and the buyer pays the notary for the settlement of the transfer of ownership.

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