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Real estate agent in The Hague (Den Haag)

On this page we provide you with the top-10 of the best real estate agents in The Hague. This list is based on actual selling numbers, speed, reviews and our own experience with agents in selling property in Den Haag.

For your information: I am a 27 year old Dutchie myself with a lot of expat friends.

I share articles related to the Dutch real estate market, because I hate that expats are being exploited by my fellow country men, especially in the housing market.

Further down this page, you will find some information on what it is we do (Mijn Verkoopmakelaar) and how that could be of use during this selling process. 

You might come across some medium structured sentences. Let's say, my knowledge on the Dutch real estate market is far better than my English (feel free to send an e-mail to if the error is too big to ignore).

Let's get started.

This is the top-10 estate agents in The Hague for selling a house

This list is composed out of all the 91 brokers active in The Hague. The agents are active in the following areas: Loosduinenen, Escamp, Segbroek, Scheveningen, Centrum, Haagse Hout, Laak en LeidschenveenYpenburg

  1. De Huizenbemiddelaar c.s. Den Haag-Zuid
  2. Frisia Makelaars
  3. Lex van Leeuwen NVM Makelaars Den Haag
  4. Röttgering makelaars
  5. Elzenaar Makelaars O.G.
  6. MDM Makelaardij
  7. Wonen Makelaars Den Haag
  8. MTV Makelaardij
  9. B&F Makelaar
  10. House to Sell Haaglanden

The average brokerage fee estate agencies charge for selling a property in The Hague

In the beginning of 2021 we published a research on the average fees that estate agents bill for  selling a house.

Kosten huis verkopen makelaar Den Haag tarief

The transaction fee of a estate agent in The Hague is on average € 3,287 for selling a house or appartment in The Hague. Most agents won't charge you a fixed fee, but a percentage on the actual selling price ('courtage' in Dutch). 

Kosten huis verkopen Den Haag makelaarscourtage

An average the estate agents in Den Haag will charge 1.1% of the selling price as a fee for the sale of the property. This percentage is VAT included. 


Selecting a local estate agency in The Hague

Hopefully, this was of any help.

If you are planning to sell your property located in the Netherlands, we can advice you on what estate agents won't charge you those exploitative expat-fees, but local tarifs.

You can fill in your postal code on the end of the page and answer the follow-up questions.

The agents in the area will study your property and leave you a proposal. They know they are in competition with other agents, so they will makes sure their fee is competitive.

We keep track of their performance, so that you are ensured of a good outcome. And will check-in with you.

Long story short:

  • You get multiple offers of agents in your area
  • We have curated the agents based on their previous results
  • Using the service is free for you (agents share a small part their fee)
  • We keep your contact details shielded, so you don't get annoying calls
  • Fill in your postal code below

If you experience any issues (language for example) using the platform, feel free to contact us! We are here to help you in English with a Dutch accent ;).

Fill in your zip code and house number:

  • Fast & Easy
  • Impartial
  • No obligations


1. De Huizenbemiddelaar c.s. Den Haag-Zuid

De Huizenbemiddelaar Den Haag-Zuid is a brokerage run by Aart and Mirjam van Stijn. They are member of the VBO-association for estate agents. They are part of the bigger 'De Huizenbemiddelaar-group'. Which is a RE/MAX-like organisation in the Netherlands. They have a lot of experience in selling appartments quick.


2. Frisia Makelaars

Frisia Makelaars is a broker fim in The Hague that you can't miss. This office consist of a team of 40 estate agents, making it the biggest realtor firm of The Hague. This real estate agent is member of the NVM-association.


3. Lex van Leeuwen NVM Makelaars Den Haag

Lex van Leeuwen is a smaller firm. And it is a family office, something we always value. Father Lex handed the leadership over to son Björn in 2015. With a team of 3 their service is way more personal than number 2 in this list. 


4. Röttgering Makelaars

Since 2017 Jerry Stassart is the owner of Röttgering. Jerry is pretty experienced. He started in 2001 as a real estate agent in the Hague. With two other team members Jerry can help you with selling you appartment or house in The Hague.


5. Elzenaar Makelaars O.G.

Elzenaar is the kind of estate agent I like. They are transaparant on their results and numbers. As a data-driven comparison website, we can only applaud that. Elzenaar consists of 3 locations in The Hague. Their offices are located in Leyenburg (South - West The Hague), Wateringse veld, Zeeheldenkwartier and Centre.




Frequently asked questions about selling property in The Hague

  • How many estate agents are there in The Hague?

    In The Hague there are 232 agents active. Not all these estate agents are actually located in The Hague. Some agents work from neighbouring cities.

  • What is the average commission in The Hague?

    On average estate agents in The Hague take a 1.1% commission for selling your house or apartment. Prices differ per broker and property.

  • What does selling a house cost in The Hague?

    In the Netherlands, as a seller, you only bare the costs of your selling agent. In The Hague that fee is on average EUR 3.300 (VAT included). There are no other costs due by the seller for selling a property.

    The buyer pays for his buying agent and the buyer pays the notary for the settlement of the transfer of ownership.

  • Where can I find an estate agent in The Hague that doesn't treat me like an expat?

    Here you can fill in your postal code. You compare pre-screened agents in The Hague on their pricing, past results and their strategy for your property.

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