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How to sell house quick & fast in the Netherlands

In this article, you can read about the best ways to sell your apartment or house as quick as possible.

How quick can a property be sold in the Netherlands?

The selling of a property is divided in 4 stages:

  1. Preparation of the property, picking the right real estate agent.
  2. Start of sale until the conditional agreement
  3. Unconditional agreement
  4. Transfer of property


Phase 1: Preparation of the property and picking the real estate agent

Preparation of the property

Depending on the condition of your home, this phase consumes between 1 day and a couple of weeks.

In most cases, a thorough cleaning and a couple of light repairs will suffice. Low effort a high impact activities are: cleaning all the windows and changing to spotlights in the bathroom. 

Picking the right agency

To get your property listed on the popular housing website Funda you have to work with an estate agent. 

The slow way of finding an estate agent

Call multiple agents manually to make an appointment at your home. Plan the appointments over a period of 3 weeks. 

The fast way to pick an agent

Take a couple of pictures of the inside of your house and upload them to Mijn Verkoopmakelaar. Within a day, you get multiple offers of agents in the neighborhood, including:

  • Their proposed agency fee
  • Valuation based on your pictures
  • Past results and reviews

This saves you 2 weeks in the process.

Find a real estate agent
  • Fast & Easy
  • Impartial recommendations
  • No obligations



Phase 2: Getting to a conditional agreement

After you have picked an agent, he will do an exact measurement of your home. In addition, the agent will take care of taking professional pictures. If in a hurry, most agent can do this withing 2-3 days after giving them the 'Go'.

All the information will be included in the listing on funda. Potential buyers get the possibility to plan a viewing. In most cases these viewings will be concentrated on a limited amount of days. 

After the viewings are done, the potential buyers communicate their offer. The agent will collect all the offers and walk you through them.

Final, but conditional agreement

Please note: offers are non-binding under Dutch law. After you decided in the buyer, the agent will draft the buying agreement and let both parties sign. Under Dutch law, the buyers have 3 days to cancel the agreement. After these days, the agreement is final.

These final agreements can have conditions. Most of the time, buyers want to be certain about finances and the constructional condition of the building. More about this in Phase 3.


Phase 3: Getting to an unconditional agreement

First, in big cities in the Netherlands more and more buyers, buy unconditional. They bear all the risk for making sure they have their finances in place.

In case you have agreed with a buyer on a conditional agreement, then they have around 4-6 weeks to makes sure everything is in place.

After this period, the agreement is final, and you have to transfer your property and the buyer has to pay the price.


Phase 4: Transfer of property

With the ending of the latter phase you and the buyer are obligated to transfer the money and the house. 

The actual transfer of both will happen at a civil notary. This can be done in a matter of days or weeks.


Selling speed per city

Here you find the selling speed between listing and a conditional offer (Phase 2).

CitySelling time  
Amsterdam  24 days
The Hague 31 days
Rotterdam 36 days
Utrecht 21 days
Eindhoven 31 days
Almere24 days


3 Tips to sell your home as quick as possible via Mijn Verkoopmakelaar

  1. Let multiple agents make an estimation based on your pictures
  2. Include in the comment section that time is an important issue for you
  3. Prepare your house in the meantime with the above-mentioned tips


Get started now with the sale of your home

Use our tool to find a real estate agent in your area.

You can add pictures at a later stage. Don't forget to add in the comment section that you are in a hurry and that you prefer receiving the quotes in English.



Frequently asked questions on selling your property fast

  • What is the best way to sell your home in the Netherlands quick?

    1. Let multiple agents make an estimation based on your pictures
    2. Include in the comment section that time is an important issue for you
    3. Prepare your house in the meantime with the above mentioned tips
  • How fast can a house be sold in the Netherlands

    If you prepare properly you can sell your house or apartment quite fast. Within a month you could have a binding agreement, within 6 weeks you could transfer your property and get the money in your account.

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