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How it works

What does Mijn Verkoopmakelaar do?

How it works

The 3 biggest advantages of Mijn Verkoopmakelaar


What does Mijn Verkoopmakelaar (My Sales Agent) do?

Selling your house is not something you do every day. That's why it's important to have a good real estate agent at your side during this period. A broker who knows the neighborhood like the back of his hand, has a large network and with whom you have a connection. Could you use some help choosing the right real estate agent for selling your home? We are happy to help you - free of charge and without any obligation.

Contacting all real estate agents in your area and comparing their terms yourself is a time-consuming task. That's why we turn the tables at Mijn Verkoopmakelaar:

  1. You enter your zip code and house number, and
  2. The best estate agents in your area leave a response for you.

The estate agents indicate what they think of the house  and what they think the house would sell for. In addition, you see where the sales agent is located and what the costs are.

Find your broker:

  • Fast & Easy
  • Impartial
  • No obligations

Our website is not fully translated, but our (English-speaking) team is ready to help you through the whole thing in case you need help. You can reach us by phone or WhatsApp at 020 244 2790 or send an e-mail to

The three biggest advantages of finding a real estate agent through My Sales Agent:

  1. You save time and can compare easily. This is the easiest way to get a good overview of the brokers that best suit your needs. You do not have to contact them 1-on-1, but you receive a proposal from them. No hassle!
  2. You save costs. In their response, the brokers immediately tell you what they charge for their services. So you immediately have an overview of the costs that brokers charge in your area and the services they offer you. On average, there is a difference of no less than 1,700 euros between a cheap and an expensive estate agent!

  3. You sell your house faster and a better price. We keep track of how quickly real estate agents in your area sell houses and how much they sell for. Depending on your most important requirements, this way you can easily and objectively choose which real estate agent best meets your needs.


How it works:

Describe your property and preferences for sale

Describe your property and preferences for sale

Enter the specifics of your home, such as the number of square feet and the number of bedrooms. In addition, indicate your preferences for the sale. Tip: Include some clear photos of the home, to gather as many responses from realtors as possible. With photos, realtors can properly assess the home and make a good estimate of the sale price.

Compare real estate agencies

Compare real estate agencies

After registering, you will receive responses from brokers in your mailbox and your personal environment on Mijn Verkoopmakelaar. Then you can easily compare the offers of the brokers, such as costs, expected profit and speed of sale.

Invite a real estate agent

Invite a real estate agent

Is there a real estate agent among them that meets all your needs? Great! Invite the broker, and he or she will contact you for an introduction and a free valuation of your home.

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