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What it costs to sell a house in the Netherlands

On this page, I will tell you what costs and fees to expect when you are going to sell a house in the Netherlands.

  1. Agency fees
  2. Notary fees
  3. Other costs
  4. Taxes

About me: My name is Antoine. I am 28 and live in Amsterdam. I write about my experience in the Dutch real estate market. We do this to make expats less vulnerable in the housing market of the Netherlands.


Makelaar or agents fees and commissions for selling property in the Netherlands

Dutch agencies fees are incredibly low, compared to other European countries and the States. In some countries, the fees are fixed by law. This is not the case in the Netherlands. Dutch realtors can charge whatever you both agree on. On average Dutch real estate agents ask a commission of 1.3% of the sale price. 
Example: A real estate agent sells your apartment in The Hague for EUR 300,000. Your estate agent gets EUR 3,900. You pocket the remaining EUR 296,100 of the sale price.

We have done an analysis on all the proposals estate agents have sent on Mijn Verkoopmakelaar to sellers. The result? On average, an estate agent in the Netherlands will cost you EUR 4,000.

Average commission per property value:

Sale priceAvg. Commission Avg. in euro's
Up to 200,000  1.7%€2,690
Up to 300,000 1.3%€3,260
Up to 400,000 1.1%€3,800
Up to 500,000 1.0%€5,135


Differences in agency fees per city in the Netherlands

  • Amsterdam: 0.9%
  • The Hague (Den Haag): 1.1%
  • Utrecht: 1.2%
  • Rotterdam: 1.1%

How is the amount of the agency fee determined?

Each agency fee is a customized rate. When the estate agent estimates that your home will sell quickly and for a good prize, the commission will generally be lower. For a house that is less popular in the market, a higher commission will be asked.

Real estate agents are not always on the same page when it comes to estimating the chances of selling your house. Therefore, it is wise to always compare several estate agents. Would you like to quickly get in touch with multiple estate agents in your city? We can help you with that. Read all about the advantages of finding a real estate agent via Mijn Verkoopmakelaar.

Do you pay an estate agent if you don't sell?

Half of the estate agents in the Netherlands work on a no cure, no pay basis. The other half charge you with a starting fee, or a break-off fee. In that case, cancelling a sale will cost you between 350 and 650 euro. 

Costs for the real estate agent on the buying side

In the Netherlands, both parties to the sale are paying their own advisors. So if the buyer of your house has an agent, he is responsible for paying their agency fee.

Find out more about estate agent fees and costs:

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Notary fees for selling house in the Netherlands

Notary fees are paid by the buyer, not by the seller. Depending on the effort needed for the mortgage, costs range between 1,500 and 3,500 euro.


Other costs of selling property in the Netherlands

There are no other costs related to the sale of your house or apartment in the Netherlands. 

In very rare occasions, an extra investment in the sale of your property is necessary:

  1. Bigger budget for marketing: video, extra advertisement
  2. Low cost, big impact improvement to the property itself: cleaning, paint, styling


Taxes to pay for selling a house in the Netherlands

The Netherlands has a different system of taxation on property than, for example, the US. Under Dutch tax law, capital gain is not taxed as such. Here you can read more on the taxation of houses.

Tax when selling a property in the Netherlands with a profit

Profit is not taxable as such. The Dutch taxation is yearly on the combined value of all your property. It is advised to gain professional advice on this topic.

Transfer tax on sale in the Netherlands

Under Dutch tax law, the buyer is eligible for the transfer tax (between 2% and 6% of the sale price).


More on selling a property in the Netherlands:


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Hopefully, this was of any help.

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